“The Multidimensional Challenge of Safety and Integrity for Indian IT Companies”

By: DT News Network
August, 16, 2019

Authored by Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia, Oncam

As India’s cutting-edge startups mark their international foray, it is beyond doubt that the nation is inching closer to the global IT dominance. This market development – irrespective of how late it has been – was inevitable. India always had a knack for technology with its technocrats filling in the global void of IT skill since the global digital advent. Now, as the digital penetration continues to surge internationally and the world adds ‘The Next Billion’ people to the digital market, it is time for India to prove its mettle at the global stage. Admiringly, it is doing precisely the same.

However, as we plan to rise and shine in the ripening market, an interesting question arises that are our IT professionals as well as their workplaces secure? And if they are not, can our IT companies expect to the hold the integrity needed in the highly competitive field? Let us briefly discuss this burning question.

The Multidimensional Challenge of Safety and Integrity

During the yesteryears, there have been a number of fire-related incidences across the country. The most recent took place in Surat, Gujarat where 20 students were killed in a coaching center while several others were seriously injured. In 2016, IndiaMART, an India-based global e-commerce platform, also witnessed the same incident, leaving 5 professionals dead and 3 injured. A couple of years before that fire broke out on the seventh floor of Carlton Towers, a commercial complex in Bangalore, leaving 9 people dead.

It has been observed in a number of incidences that the primary cause of fire can often be something as small as an electrical fault in a certain room, floor, or even in a nearby building, which then rages over to other locations, thereby entrapping individuals who either get killed due to smoke or the fire itself. Clearly, there needs to be a stringent policy in place to resolve this long-standing problem. Nevertheless, India’s IT companies can secure their respective offices and professionals by leveraging advanced technological tools such as surveillance systems. But what difference can a surveillance system can bring?

Today, with the sweeping innovations in surveillance technologies, it is possible to develop surveillance solutions for any given use case. IP-driven surveillance systems can now also be integrated with Artificial Intelligence and video analytics to automate any security purpose. Using this approach, the surveillance solution is able to recognize any anomaly including fire hazard, violation of a company policy, aggressive behavior, violence, vandalism, and so on. The system swiftly notifies the security professionals or the respective department alongside the recorded video of the event and the live video feed. They can then act as per the situation and quickly resolve the problem.

Such sophisticated systems can be a game-changer during workplace hazards such as office fire. This is because they can trace the location of every professional and ensure that they are timely evacuated. Network cameras with two-way communication can further help in coordinating with respective people wherever they are or to designate a volunteer to a group of people. 

The efficiency of these surveillance systems go beyond workplace-related perils such as office fire. They can also identify cases of unauthorized breaches to restricted areas, which can have wide-ranging repercussions for an IT company (given the sensitivity of data that they typically handle). This can prevent cases of corporate espionage, insider trading, etc., and so, maintaining the integrity within the workplace.

These measures have become quite imperative for Indian IT players as they envision to achieve a greater role on a global scale. Otherwise, even the smallest of security-related incidents can easily rock their boat even before it embarks on the grand global expedition. The choice is completely theirs on how they wish to tread.

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