Canon Expands Its PIXMA G-Series Portfolio with The Launch of New Ink Tank Printers

Jun 12, 2019

Reinforcing its leadership position in the Ink Tank category, Canon India expanded its iconic PIXMA G Series line-up with the new category launch of Monochrome Ink Tank Printer PIXMA GM2070 and launch of two variants in the colour Ink Tank printers - PIXMA G6070, PIXMA G5070. The PIXMA G6070 is a multi-function printer allowing users to use it as a

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55% of Parents are at Risk of Endangering their kid's Safety Online: New Survey by OLX India

Jun 08, 2019

More than half of parents admit to being under confident in knowing how to keep themselves safe online, while 61% state that they have adequately educated their children in this important aspect, according to new research by OLX India. The dichotomy points to having high awareness about the need to be safe online but exhibits a lack of know-how and

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Cybercriminals Use Smartphone Calendars to Distribute Scamoffers: Detects Kaspersky

Jun 19, 2019

Kaspersky experts have detected multiple cases of a sophisticated scam targeting users through fraudulent, unsolicited Google Calendar notifications and luring them into giving away their personal information. The attacks happened throughout May. This scam abuses a specific feature of a free online calendar service which adds invitations and events